5 Things You Didn’t Know GPS Tracking Could Do

Google Maps, getting directions, and the handy GPS navigation screen in the centre console of modern cars: these are the most common associations people have with GPS tracking.

But recent advancements in GPS technology have taken the utility much further. Car owners and police forces alike are using GPS as an anti-theft device. Driver behaviour, detailed trip reports, and custom details like door locking and oil temperature can be tracked to keep business owners on top of operations. And as the use of GPS spreads further through city and state networks in Australia and the world, tracking is being used by governments to analyse how entire industries perform.

Here are five new and exciting ways GPS tracking can help people and businesses.

Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

You may have known that GPS can be used to track thieves and stolen equipment, but did you know that some GPS trackers can also give theft alerts to the owner and disable vehicles remotely in the event of a theft?

These new features stop thieves in their tracks, but location tracking alone makes GPS a powerful and affordable anti-theft tool. If a vehicle with tracking is stolen, owners can give police the whereabouts of the car – and if the criminal too, if they’re driving it.

For this reason many Australian car owners are considering purchasing GPS for peace of mind, and many business owners are considering the benefits of asset recovery and financial security.

Initial success in using GPS to track and apprehend thieves has even prompted several Australian police forces to launch trials. Melbourne Police recently installed GPS trackers on 1,000 civilian cars in areas with a high risk of vehicle theft. Any car that gets stolen will be immediately traceable, and the police will test how effective this method really can be.


Track Driver Behaviour & Road Safety

It used to be that police or driver complaints were the only way a dispatcher or business owner knew how drivers were performing. Now, modern GPS can provide information on where drivers are, how fast they’ve been going, evidence of harsh braking, and even details like oil temperature and when doors are locked and unlocked.

These benefits apply to small and medium businesses as well as truckies and dispatchers.

MLC Roof Services, for example, started with a fleet of four vehicles. Operations Manager Marius Crisan describes his experience with GPS and driver behaviour:

“When we first started, for the first few months there was no Driver Behavior feature for our fleet. We were getting a flurry of speeding fines coming through and something needed to be done. There were no specific parameters when we took it on board but from harsh braking, to accelerating to speeding…Driver Behavior can monitor it all. We ensured our team was on board with this feature and with the help of this data, we created an internal incentive system. For instance, they could get half an hour extra per week if their score meets a particular threshold based on the Driver Behavior. The team is notified of their performance every week, and thus we have created a system that works really well for us.”

Read the full story in our interview with MLC Roof Services.


Provide Easy-Access Reports and Custom Alerts

Truly modern GPS systems include easy-access interfaces and custom reports.

A business owner can pull out his or her phone to review where tracked assets are, and even set alerts to pop up if specific events should occur (for anything from a speed violation to a maintenance reminder).

Vehicles and assets can be personalised with custom labels, full trip history can be reviewed with the click of a button, and information can be organised to suit a business’s specific needs.

Learn more about custom reports at incontroltracking.com.au, our easy to use interface.

Help Make Smart Business Decisions

Beyond understanding driver and trip details, GPS data is now being used to make business decisions.

Fuel costs, trip times, job times, and other important data points can identify patterns in business operations when logged over time. This valuable information is helping business owners cut costs, provide excellent service, and stay ahead of the competition.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

The more information a business owner has, the better they can serve their customers.

GPS lets owners provide accurate ETA times and rapidly respond to customer requests or queries. In the age of instant satisfaction, that can be the difference between a sale and a lost patron.

In some cases, GPS can even be used to protect the safety of customers. Adam Sands of RedSands Campers comments:

“I really liked the idea of looking after the safety of our clients, especially as many of them are from overseas and are travelling remote regions of Australia. I also wanted to protect my assets as it is important that each of our clients is provided with a well-maintained vehicle.”

Read the full story in our interview with RedSands Campers.


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