52,858 vehicles were stolen in Australia during 2017. That’s about one car every 10 minutes.

This unsettling statistic was released alongside nationwide vehicle theft numbers for 2017, but the issue has been in headlines – and on the minds of vehicle owners – for much longer than that.

Australia’s rate of vehicle theft has been rising for years, and despite a slight dip in thefts in 2017, the issue is one that law enforcement has found challenging to tackle. In fact, despite police’s best efforts, about 45% of all Australian passenger and light commercial vehicles are at a medium to high risk of theft.

With the danger of theft this high, most car and business owners are asking two important questions: ‘What do I need to worry about?’ and ‘How do I protect my assets?’

Let’s start with the first question. Here’s what you need to worry about: a snapshot of Australia’s car theft problem. (We’ll explain how GPS can help protect vehicles and other assets straight after!)


Australia’s Car Theft Problem

What kind of problem are we looking at? Who should be worried about their cars? Let’s run the numbers:

The 2015/2016 year is the latest for which full data is available. Over 54,000 vehicles were stolen that year.

What’s being Stolen?

  • 80% were passenger/light commercial vehicles
  • 15% were motorcycles; and
  • 5% were classified as ‘other vehicles’ (such as heavy trucks and tractors).
  • 46% of passenger and light commercial vehicles had a medium to high risk of theft in 2015/16
  • Estimated value of passenger and light commercial vehicles stolen in Australia in 2015/16 was $499.7 million.

How is it being Stolen?

  • More than 50% of all vehicles were stolen from a residence in 2015/16
  • Most vehicles are stolen between 4pm and midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Sports cars have the highest theft rate
  • 29% of stolen vehicles are never recovered

Statistics courtesy of the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.


How GPS is Solving Vehicle Theft in Australia

The idea is simple – if you can track a stolen vehicle, you can lead police directly to it.

For this reason, car and business owners are looking increasingly to GPS tracking systems for an affordable anti-theft tool.

Modern GPS can offer 24/7 vehicle tracking, and can provide a number of specialised anti-theft features including:

  • Alerts when vehicle doors are unlocked or opened
  • Anytime tracking access via smartphone or computer
  • Small, easy to conceal trackers that thieves cannot locate or remove
  • Remote vehicle shut down

The ability to track and follow thieves has proven effective and affordable on an individual and business basis. So much so, that Australian police forces are testing it out for themselves.


Victoria Police Trial GPS for Anti-Theft

Nearly 16,000 vehicles were stolen in Victoria alone last year.

This statistic, along with the effectiveness of GPS tracking for catching vehicle thieves, has prompted the Victoria Police to launch an official anti-theft GPS tracking trial. Last September, 1,000 cars were fitted with GPS devices that can pinpoint vehicles to within a few metres.

The hope is that this trial will allow officers to not only find stolen vehicles, but crack down on other types of crime as well.

“The serious crimes that we see in this state, whether it be drive-by shootings, armed robberies or commercial burglaries, on the large majority of occasions there is always a stolen vehicle involved and that enables the crime,” Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said.


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