It’s official, people will steal anything from a construction site.

A perfect example is this story of a WA theft – the tradie stole a toilet in broad daylight!

Major WA home builder Summit Homes was working on a development in Perth. Having suffered great losses from theft in the past, they decided to tag various items in all their construction sites with GPS trackers.

Turns out, it didn’t take long for the trackers to pay off. Before long, one of the trackers revealed that a toilet was on the move.

Summit Homes contacted the police, who swiftly followed the GPS signal to the tradie’s home. What did they find? His place was stuffed full of stolen goods.

“When police did the warrant, [the house] was an Aladdin’s Cave… sinks, toilets, nuts, bolts, sealants, anything to do with putting new things into houses was in this guy’s room.”
– Nina Hobson, spokeswoman for Busted Alliance

The bust was a win for this builder, but unfortunately, it’s just one example of an epidemic that is sweeping Australia and especially WA.

The Construction and Worksite Theft Epidemic

Home and apartment build, mining sites, and virtually any sort of worksite in Australia – if it’s under construction, it is a prime target for thieves.

Businesses across the country are struggling to get a handle on the theft epidemic that can cost over a hundred thousand per project.

One example: The top four building companies in WA recorded close to $130,000 in losses from theft and illegal dumping – over just one month.

Another example: A Thornlie man was charged with stealing over $80,000 of construction materials. That’s right, one guy stole over $80k from construction sites – and he’s just one of the few who police have been able to track down.

Fight Back with GPS Tracking

Construction sites are hard to secure. They’re relatively open, usually with no security alarms (or even front doors) to keep thieves from entering.

It’s also hard for locals – and even police – to spot a theft. If a criminal is driving a ute and wearing high-vis, who can tell the difference between a tradie and a thief?

For these reasons, business owners are turning to GPS tracking.

Put a tracker on your expensive equipment and materials, and you’ll probably be able to recover it if it’s stolen.

Track a few items in your project area, and they will lead police right to the thief – not only recovering your losses but putting the criminal behind bars and reducing the risk of future theft in that area.

Get GPS Tracking for Your Business

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