BlackBox’s new generation battery-powered 161 GPS Asset Locator is made for ease of installation and longevity WITH EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE – ideal for monitoring smaller assets.

Our compact tracker is lightweight and customisable. It can be self installed and attached with screws, bolts, magnets, cable ties or rivets, measures only 13.7cm in length and weighs less than 200g— making it highly suited to tracking small assets including hire equipment, trailers and more. Smart programming allows the tracker’s reporting schedule to be customised from daily to hourly according to your needs.

This device can assist in identifying service maintenance, notification and programmable alert settings. These battery powered solutions suit a wide range of industries to help secure any asset under your control.

For information on the 161 GPS Asset Locator, prospective users can contact BlackBox Control on 1300 766 764 or email