Be first to trial Australia-first digital technology for the heavy vehicle industry

BlackBox Control has been announced as the first certified service provider of Hill Descent Monitoring (HDM), a new application of the National Telematics Framework, by Transport Certification Australia (TCA).

Gavin Hill, General Manager Strategy and Delivery at TCA, said: “TCA is delighted to announce BlackBox as HDM Certified. TCA has been pleased to see BlackBox’s commitment towards HDM and this had led to them being the first to achieve approval for the program. It builds on the range of programs BlackBox can offer since becoming certified through the National Telematics Framework in 2010.”

We are proud to be making the application available to transport operators as part of a 12-month trial and testing of the new technology by Main Roads WA.

What is the HDM Application and Trial?

The HDM application monitors heavy vehicle speed on long or steep descents, as well as identifying if a vehicle has stopped before descending a hill to perform safety checks.

The HDM trial is being conducted by Main Roads WA and requires participants to have an In-Vehicle Unit that can support the HDM solution fitted, have one forward-facing camera and one rear-facing camera, and meet other criteria set by Main Roads WA in their application process.

As the first Certified Service Provider of the HDM Application, BlackBox Control is the only organisation in Australia currently endorsed to provide the monitoring hardware and software. The first trial participants will be exempt from some of the current restrictions governing downhill descents to enable comprehensive testing of HDM Technology.

The trial will be in place for an initial period of 12 months before being reviewed.

Expressions of Interest called for

BlackBox Control is now seeking expressions of interest from operators of Category 7 (A) AB-Triple combinations travelling down Roelands Hill on the Coalfields Highway to be the first to test the new technology. The extended access arrangements for the trial along the Coalfields Highway – between the Rest Area – Road Train Assembly Area and the South Western Highway – will open access for vehicles travelling through to Bunbury without the need to break down.

Mark Langford, BlackBox Control General Manager, believes that the first to get on board with the trial in WA will quickly see the business benefits of the HDM solution. “Transport operators that we have spoken to have determined that the cost of each two-way journey to retrieve additional trailers is around $1200 per journey, either in lost time or rates to employ a contractor to assist.”

“We believe there is potential for operators participating in the HDM trial to recoup their investment in the HDM application in as little as 2-3 journeys, as they will be exempt from some of the current restrictions to help the technology be thoroughly tested.”

The HDM technology is expected to make transport operations more competitive and profitable as well as increasing safety for drivers and all road network users by reducing unnecessary journeys.

How to Participate

Transport operators interested in participating in the trial are encouraged to contact BlackBox Control on 1300 766 764 or email for assistance with the Main Roads WA trial application process and to schedule a demo of the new technology.