If you’re looking for a locally supported, Australian made product that meets all the TCA and road authority compliance requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

BlackBox is one of the most innovative vehicle tracking systems that comes either as a simple add-on to your existing GPS system, or a full, in-depth vehicle management system.

BlackBox as an add-on:

You can keep your existing commercial GPS unit and add our IAP as a certified ‘add on’ (we maintain relationships with many GPS providers – even those that are not certified).  In this case we just manage all the IAP/TMA compliance without you needing to change your existing interface.  Have your compliance without the complications.

Or… the option of BlackBox as a full management system:

We can custom fit our own locally made and supported full BlackBox system, which not only meets national compliance, but offers significant improvements in:

    • Cost Reduction
    • Increased Productivity
    • Improved Communication
    • Effective Scheduling
    • Better Time Management
    • Accurate Location Tracking
    • Predictive Management / Alerts
    • Safety, Security & Compliance
    • Historic Evidence, Proof & Analysis
    • Vehicle Maintenance Management
    • Automation

There’s no minimum orders, hidden fees or any lengthy fixed term or locked-in contracts.  You can cancel anytime.

Contact us on 1300 766 764 or email sales@blackboxcontrol.com.au to add your IAP Compliance Requirements in one place!

Or fill out an enquiry below and we’ll get back to you.