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At BlackBox Control we believe in helping your business succeed and thrive to reach its business objectives using GPS tracking. Not only does GPS technology have the benefit of live 24/7 tracking for your business, telematics has also been designed to support businesses through a number of applications. Generate reports on driver behaviour, fuel expenditure and job completion times. Dispatch jobs on-the-go knowing where your fleet is located and direct your workers on the most efficient routes. As well as using our highly configurable units to monitor specific functions of your vehicles such as temperatures, pressures and engine maintenance. Each of these functions has been uniquely designed to suit our clients across several industries. Implement them into your fleet and see potential benefits such as reduced fuel costs, improved customer service, improved office reporting and so much more.

The most commonly applied industries have been listed below and the links can further outline how our products can help your business today.

Transport/ Haulage

BlackBox has listened to the issues experienced by transport businesses and has uniquely designed their solutions to overcome those problems, such as real-time location, route optimisation, driver fatigue, driver behaviour, geofencing and countless other features. [READ MORE]


Never lose sight of a vehicle or asset by installing a GPS unit no matter how deep into the outback or wine region you go, with our satellite GPS alternatives. Increase your safety rating and ease the mind of your customers knowing you are prepared for any type of emergency. [READ MORE]


Having multiple workers on different jobs can make it difficult to keep track of all your vehicles. GPS tracking allows you to both monitor your assets live location and direct your vehicles on faster routes and release priority jobs quicker than ever before. [READ MORE]


BlackBox can not only fulfil the standard GPS tracking solution but can also ensure jobs are being logged effectively, employees are working effectively and on time, prevent the misuse of the company fuel-card and ensure vehicles are driven on the most efficient routes. [READ MORE]


Receive personalised data with our uniquely fitted high accuracy GPS antenna that can locate within 1 metre of the asset. BlackBox provides configurable features to monitor specific vehicle inputs requested by the customer as an entire package solution for superior tracking. [READ MORE]


Whether it is waste trucks, buses or general fleet we can help you to monitor all of your assets live 24/7 with regular feedback and reporting to assist in cost reduction through job times and fuel reduction as well as employee management. [READ MORE]


As the agricultural industry grows the machinery and equipment grows with it. BlackBox Control offers a complete solution to track both large assets through live monitoring and smaller equipment, storage boxes and machinery for theft recovery. [READ MORE]