RedSands Campers are providers of fully equipped 4WD Campers that clients can hire for for travelling and exploring Australia. Based in Bayswater, Western Australia, RedSands Campers started their journey with the mission of providing the best possible 4WD campers, so that clients may experience the ultimate self-drive Australian adventure.

We caught up with Adam Sands, the founder and Managing Director of RedSands Campers, to talk about all things campers and trackers.

What is the story behind RedSands Campers?

Adam:  RedSands Campers evolved from our family’s passion for travel. We are a family owned and operated business. We designed these vehicles based on how we would want to travel ourselves. Once we decided to get going, we hit the ground running with a few vehicles. It has grown organically ever since with a focus on high quality vehicles and really high level of customer service.

How did you come across BlackBox Control?

A: It was actually through a corporate golf day! We started discussing our vehicles and Neville, the Senior Account Manager for BlackBox Control, explained the advantages of being able to track your assets. I really liked the idea of looking after the safety of our clients, especially as many of them are from overseas and are travelling remote regions of Australia. I also wanted to protect my assets as it is important that each of our clients is provided with a well-maintained vehicle.

What would you say are the biggest benefits of using BlackBox Control’s tracking services?

A: Probably the biggest benefit is getting the data on how our vehicles are being driven. This information is very reliable and it helps us in various ways with our business. For example, it helps keep our clients safe and helps us understand where they are. The benefits go beyond a single solution as they are not just from a customer behavior perspective, but from a manufacturer perspective as well, ensuring optimum performance at all times.



Could you think of a particular incident where the BlackBox Control solution has helped you?

A: The best thing about it all is the high accuracy of the tracking. There was an  incident just before Christmas 2017. One of our clients took the vehicles to a prohibited area. We got an alert immediately and contacted the client. Upon its return, there was approximately $3,500 worth of damage to the under body of the vehicle due to the speed at which it was travelling in that area.

The clients understood the obligations under the terms and conditions, and we were able to repair the car and bring it back to pre-hire conditions. If we didn’t have the tracking on the vehicle with such accuracy, we would have been none the wiser. Those damages would have presented themselves down the track, and could have resulted in a safety issue for another client.

You have been with us for 18 months now and have 15 tracking units for your fleet. How has your experience been with us so far?

A: Nothing but fantastic! From the installation of the trackers into the vehicles, from Neville providing support and in-depth training to the staff, the whole process has been seamless. He has represented BlackBox Control by providing a great level of hands on services. It’s imperative that our staff understand how the tracking system works so they can use it efficiently. It’s a very powerful tool for fleet management but it’s not easy to learn on its own.  That’s where the support helps.

There’s lots of tracking companies out there, and the difference is the experience and relationship you have with your clients. Whenever we have got any questions or if we need to set up new logins, or we need to pull out data…the response time has always been swift and that is important to us. From installers, to the manager, and the product: the whole experience with BlackBox Control has been fantastic.

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BlackBox Control’s mission is to empower Australian businesses with GPS Tracking and RedSands Campers is a prime example of our commitment to that mission.

To find out more of what we can do for your business, call us at 1300 766 764 or fill up the contact form here.