Marius Crisan is the main man behind MLC Roof Services, one of Perth’s growing service companies for commercial roof maintenance services. With a dynamic team, MLC Roof Services required a reliable GPS Tracking Solution that could help them meet their business objectives. We caught up with Marius to hear the story of his company and how he decided to use BlackBox Control.

What is the story behind MLC Roof Services? 

We started operating in 2009, and a couple of years we later became a private limited company. In the early stages, we did a lot of insurance roof work but soon after we moved into doing more of commercial roof maintenance. Since then we have built a strong network of clients in this space and are proud of the work that we do.

What prompted the need to use GPS Tracking for MLC Roof Services?

We are now at a point where we have grown a fair bit through the years – from being subcontractors to having permanent full timers. And with that comes the added hassle of maintaining a fleet of company vehicles. Initially we had 4 vehicles that our team were using – but we didn’t quite exactly know the movement of the vehicles or how many hours they were spending on each job. We sometimes do emergency call-outs and having the ability to know where our team members are located makes my job a lot easier. 

What does MLC Roof Services currently use BlackBox Control for? 

We use BlackBox Control’s GPS Tracking Solutions to mostly locate the positioning of our fleet throughout the working day. Our cars are relatively new so to ensure they are being used correctly and not recklessly…the Driver Behavior is a big thing for us. We also use it for day to day data analysis, for instance monitoring the service dates or the odometer reading. The automation of it all makes my life easier.

Could you elaborate on how you currently use the Driver Behavior feature? 

Certainly. When we first started, for the first few months there was no Driver Behavior feature for our fleet. We were getting a flurry of speeding fines coming through and something needed to be done. There were no specific parameters when we took it on board but from harsh braking, to accelerating to speeding…Driver Behavior can monitor it all. We ensured our team was on board with this feature and with the help of this data, we created an internal incentive system. For instance, they could get half an hour extra per week if their score meets a particular threshold based on the Driver Behavior. The team is notified of their performance every week, and thus we have created a system that works really well for us. 

What would you say are the biggest benefits of using BlackBox Control’s tracking services? 

Other than the benefits outlined above, scheduling calls makes the task of looking after vehicles simpler. The overall platform is functional, and it takes the whole weight of worry away from servicing to scheduling to positioning.

How has the BlackBox Control experience been so far? 

The experience has been great. BlackBox Control’s account manager, Trevor, has always been there if we had any questions. It’s an easy interface to use and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone. I have it on my desktop, I have it on the go. It’s a fully functional platform, it’s well thought out and it’s detailed – but there’s a balance to it. We don’t use all the tools available because it could lead us to over analyzing everything but it allows us to do specifically what we need for our business. And that’s brilliant. 

I would give it a 10 out of 10, and will highly recommend it to anyone! 

BlackBox Control aims to empower Australian businesses with reliable GPS Tracking solutions. Working with MLC Roof Services has been a real pleasure for us and we are very excited to see how Marius carries on!

To find out more of what we can do for your business, you can contact Trevor directly. Alternatively you can call us at 1300 766 764 or fill up the contact form here.