If you’ve used Google Maps, you’ve used GPS. That little dot on the map – we all know it.

Apply GPS to the business world, and you use that same basic principle to track a fleet of trucks or delivery vans, some expensive equipment, or whatever else you need to keep an eye on.

At least, that’s what many people understand GPS to be. But it actually goes much farther.

The reason newspapers are saying the GPS industry is about to go through the roof is because it can be much more valuable for a business than just keeping an eye on deliveries or employees. The reason GPS is going to be so huge is custom GPS.

Today, we’re going to show you what custom GPS tracking looks like.

Custom GPS Tracking – What’s Possible?

How far beyond tracking location can GPS go? Well, let’s use an example of a custom GPS tracking solution we might install for an Australian business.

Say a freight and logistics company is looking for GPS. They need to track the location of vehicles and delivery times like a normal GPS unit can. But that’s not all they need help with.

They’ve got to worry about estimating delivery times, efficient dispatching, vehicle breakdowns, vehicle theft, driver safety, timesheets, payroll, and driver trip logs, among other things.

A custom GPS solution can actually help them with all of that.

Here is how we could attack those challenges:

Track Vehicles, Estimate Delivery Times & Dispatching:

  • Install GPS trackers on all fleet vehicles
  • GPS trackers come with software that gives live info on vehicle locations, current vehicle speeds, and estimated arrivals. Now, tracking and giving ETA’s is as easy as opening the program – on a computer or an iPhone.

Vehicle Breakdowns

  • GPS trackers can be installed with sensors that track engine temperature, oil levels and other vehicle vitals.
  • Automatic updates can be set to alert HQ whenever vehicle problems are detected
  • Automatic updates can be set to alert HQ whenever a vehicle has travelled X,000 miles, and needs a service.

Vehicle Theft

  • If stolen, GPS trackers will lead police right to the stolen equipment
  • Custom GPS trackers can also track when vehicle doors are locked, unlocked, open, and closed. HQ can now keep tabs on safe practices by drivers, or know exactly when a thief unlocked a vehicle
  • Automatic alerts can notify HQ whenever a vehicle leaves a certain area. For example, if it leaves the normal area serviced by the business (a thief driving the vehicle away!)

Driver Safety

  • Custom GPS trackers work even in remote areas (rural WA for example). Drivers will never be isolated from HQ again.
  • Custom GPS trackers can track vehicle speed over all trips. Reports of average speed – or speed at any certain point in a trip, can be viewed at any time.

Timesheets, Payroll, Etc.

  • Custom GPS software catches all information on trips taken
  • Reports can be set to show miles driven, hours worked, etc.
  • These reports can instantly track work and jobs done.

Custom GPS Tracking – Going Beyond

As you’ve just read, GPS can help with many aspects of running a business. And this isn’t just for transportation – it works for any business that has moving parts. Construction, trade work, mining, and anything involving delivery or transport are prime opportunities for GPS.

But where custom GPS really goes beyond is by letting a manager or owner take a look at all that information gathered – all at once.

Suddenly, it becomes very clear where the business is losing money and where it could stand to make more.

Business decisions that used to be made on a best-guess basis, or require expensive research, now can be made quickly and confidently.

Should I add to the vehicle fleet? Check the GPS reports and they’ll tell you if supply is meeting demand. Do we need to change our prices? Look at the time (and money) it takes to complete your average job, compare it to your price, and boom – there’s your answer.

This is where custom GPS tracking is revolutionising business.

Get GPS Tracking for Your Business

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