BBX has partnered with Bustle.

Some BBX customers have recently taken up Bustle TMS and this has seen the BBX tracking be integrated with the Bustle application. From fleet controllers and admin to forkies and drivers, Bustle makes transport management easy for every role. This one app replaces multiple high-touch data entry systems and archaic manual paper-based processes. No more gaps in functional operational software, no more information being keyed in up to 5 times, no more expensive data entry – just one app for all.

Giving your customers more

Together with Bustle we empower your customers and keep them updated with the information you’ve already entered.

  • Self-service booking portals for your customers with status events and POD’s
  • API to receive high volume work orders or return customer data
  • Multi-carrier integration
  • Advanced shipping notifications and live tracking of their consignments
  • Integrations with their ERP or 3rd party systems
  • Non-conformance tools and customer reports

This device can assist in identifying service maintenance, notification and programmable alert settings. These battery powered solutions suit a wide range of industries to help secure any asset under your control.

If you would like to know more about how BlackBox and Bustle can help manage your business just contact us on 1300 766 764 or email