About Fuel Tax Credits

The ATOs Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) provide businesses with a credit for the excise or customs tax included in the price of fuel used in machinery, plant, equipment, heavy vehicles and light vehicles exceeding 4.5t GVM travelling off public roads or on private roads.

Your eligibility for FTC depends on many factors and can be time-consuming and complex to calculate and substantiate.

Who is it for?

Industries that can optimise their claims for FTC via Prism include:

  • Transport and Haulage
  • Mining and Gas
  • Construction
  • Local Government
  • Agriculture
  • Service & Logistics

BlackBox has partnered with the Prism solution to enable you to claim the fuel tax credits you are entitled to, with ease and confidence.

Using GPS data from your existing BlackBox tracking platform, Prism accurately calculates your FTC claim across your fleet to submit to the ATO. The solution combines and automates telemetry data and vehicle information with detailed location and boundary analysis to determine your fleet’s operations and fuel consumption.

Based on this apportionment and your fleet specifications, Prism provides the necessary reporting information for you to enter accurate FTC claims into your BAS statement.

Prism Features

  • Precise calculation of key FTC metrics such as fuel consumption, idling time, activity states, private property operation and commercial productivity
  • Easy online reporting and history, stored in the cloud
  • Scalable solution, no matter how large your fleet
  • Utilises existing hardware – no new equipment required

Maximise your FTC Claims with Prism Reporting

By adding the Prism application to your existing BlackBox Control Application, you will be able to:

  • Access marketing leading, comprehensive and precise reporting and detailed calculations to substantiate your fuel tax credits claim, 24/7 via our cloud-based system.
  • Save time with automated monthly calculations and reporting for your whole fleet.
  • Get better claim outcomes with optimised calculations based on advanced algorithms and highly detailed data.
  • Obtain up to 2.5 times the standard FTC rebate rate and recover underclaimed FTC amounts for a retrospective 4 years.
  • Minimise tax risk exposure with accurate data and information as proof for your claims.

Join the growing network of BlackBox customers enjoying significantly improved FTC outcomes due to higher precision calculations using the most detailed data available.

Better Fleet Profitability with BlackBox Control

At BlackBox Control, the Prism application can be deployed quickly and seamlessly into your fleet using your existing IVU with our end-to-end service provision. You can take advantage of the most advanced cloud-based platform for commercial fleet analysis to automate highly accurate Fuel Tax Credit estimates, giving you more precise data, saving you time and taking the stress out of reporting.

This reinforces our reputation for delivering solutions and offering customer support to help you overcome the challenges and increase the productivity of your vehicles.

Any BlackBox customer who is not satisfied with Prism’s FTC outcomes can cancel the service within 20 days of receiving their first report and pay nothing.

Contact us on 1300 766 764 or email sales@blackboxcontrol.com.au to add Prism reporting to your fleet tools and unlock the benefits today.